Heed – AWS re:Invent Keynote – UFC Data Visualization

In collaboration with The Windmill Factory…

Dirt Empire was commissioned to design and execute the large scale data visualization of a stream of AI insights from a mixed martial arts fight. 

It was a live display of Heed’s AI-backed analytics of sensor data from a live sports event. Put on display during Werner Voegel’s keynote for AWS re:Invent 2017 it was hosted by Heed’s founder Mati Kochavi on a 140-foot 12,000 x 2000 LED wall at the MGM Grand Arena in front of 15,000 people.

Dirt Empire interpreted multiple real data streams and whitepapers into a two-minute animation experience. The fighters were as 3D point cloud data using Scatter’s RGB DepthKit and manipulated as live avatars that reacted dynamically to data events from the live fight.

AGT International/Heed Case Study

Heed’s Mati Kochavi on Fan Engagement – Sports Pro Media


140′ x 20′ x 40′ Performance

Concept/Director/Choreography: Jon Morris

Animation and Art Direction: Nicholas Rubin & Bobo Do

Animation Studio: Dirt Empire

Producer: Ana Constantino

Animators: Bobo Do, Nicholas Rubin, Peter Panton, Eddy Katt, Elizabeth Lee and Julian Pepe

Original Music and Sound FX: Dave Hodge & Finger Music 

3d DepthKit Capture: Andrew Gant

Motion Capture: Zach Shukan

Designer: Matthias Kaeding

Technical Assist: Eric Chang

Keynote Designer: Mikhail Gervits & Kari Mullholland

Fighters: Edson “JR” Barboza & Marc “Bonecrusher Diakiese

Announcers: Maya Tuttle & Sky & Soliel

Fight Director: Michael Duffey 

Stage Manager: Vicki Shenk

Video Control: Tommy Crews

Special Thanks: Boris Kizelshteyn, the Heed team, Clementine Seely, Will O’Hare, Joe Trombino, Mathew, Leah Siegel, & Cameron Thompkins.



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